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What Happens in Vegas… Could Be A Visit From the Beyond

Las Vegas

My dad passed away in February 2007. My husband and I went to Vegas for a trip in August 2007. Prior, we had been to Vegas for the first time with my Mom and Dad in 2001. For this trip we borrowed the suitcases that they had used during that first visit. When we got to our hotel room, I noticed a few individually wrapped cough drops in the pocket of my dad’s suitcase. My dad had a constant cough and used those same cough drops. So I said to my husband, “Look, my dad is here with us – I found these in his suitcase.” It was weird because we didn’t know how they got there. Mom and dad had not traveled since the trip in 2001 – and he didn’t have the cough then.

So, one night we were in our room watching a movie called Wild Hogs with John Travolta. Lying in bed, we heard a spark and saw the silver of the spark go off by the top of the ceiling, away from the TV, and then we clearly saw a puff of smoke, which completely disappeared into the ceiling in the same place where we saw the spark. We both looked at each other and said, “Did you see that?!”

My husband said, “Yes! What the hell was that?”

I said, “I’m not sure,” but I felt like my dad was there with us enjoying our trip too. And he had let us know by giving us that sign.

Funny thing is, there wasn’t anything else in the room that night that could have caused what we saw. We saw with our own eyes the spark and smoke go right through the ceiling, like it was nothing, and disappear with no lasting affects to be seen.

-B. Heaney, Turnersville, NJ, United States


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