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Unsettling Events in a House By the York River


I was working at a house in Gloucester, Virginia, right on the York River, when I had this experience.

I was painting the interior of the house and was working in the master bedroom. I was all alone in the house – my coworker hadn’t arrived yet and the homeowner was out in the yard with her 2 dogs. I had just closed the bedroom door and was laying down a drop cloth in front of the door when I heard someone punch the door. It was loud enough to startle me. I thought my coworker had arrived and was messing with me, so I quickly opened the door, only to find no one was there. I walked around the house to see if anyone was there. I saw no one in the house and my coworker’s truck was not in the driveway. I shrugged it off as my imagination.

Flash forward a couple of hours – my co worker and I were putting outlet covers back on and shelves back in the closet in the master bedroom. I glanced up and watched as the small top drawer of the dresser slowly opened. I asked my coworker if he had seen it. He said no, and to stop trying to mess with him. I chuckled and responded that I wasn’t. I closed the drawer (mind you, the furniture is a very nice Amish built set – very solid with slow closing drawers) and went back to installing the shelves. About 2 minutes later I heard my coworker say, “I think I’m going to throw up.” I came out to see what he was talking about and the drawer was open again. This time he had watched it open himself. We both tried to figure it out by closing and opening the drawer a few times ourselves, but we couldn’t figure out why it kept opening. We witnessed it open one more time before it was time to go home. We asked the homeowners if they had ever seen the drawer open before on its own, and the husband said he had seen it happen a week before we started painting. His wife just laughed at us and said, “Well, it shouldn’t happen anymore because I rehung a crucifix I had on the wall where it was before painting started.” We all laughed, and then my coworker and I went home.

The next morning when we arrived to resume our work, the husband told us he had something strange happen earlier that morning. He heard footsteps walking around in the house before they woke up and had grabbed his gun to go see who was in his house. He said the footsteps were coming from the dining room where our painting supplies were being stored. When he looked in the room, there was no one there. He thought maybe he had dreamt it and went back to bed. About an hour later they heard another noise, like someone dropped something. They got up and looked around, and found that the crucifix had fallen off the wall and was now laying in the middle of the entryway.

By the end of the day we had finished up our work, so it was going to be our last day of working there. Before we left the house for the last time we were talking to the homeowners about the things that had happened, and that’s when the husband told us after all of our experiences, it now seemed to make sense why he kept finding old bricks that appeared to have been pushed up out of the ground in a corner of his backyard.

Although this story may seem made up, it happened to me the way I wrote it. I have never had anything paranormal happen to me in the 50 yrs I’ve been alive, until this experience. If I wasn’t there I wouldn’t have believed it… but I was.

-P. Rivers, Gloucester, VA, United States

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