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The Black Shadow After Using a Ouija Board

Ouija Board

It was years ago when I was living in my family home in Worcester, Massachusetts. I was 16 years old and decided to have a séance with a Ouija board and 3 friends. We sat at my kitchen table away from the kitchen shade & dimmer light. We asked if there was a presence in the room and it spelled out the name “Damian”. All of us freaked out and let go, and as we did the kitchen light flickered high and low and the kitchen shade flew up. We ran outside and stayed out there for a good while. We went back inside and nothing else happened that night.

About a week after that I brought the Ouija board out again and was sitting on my bed by myself using it and my dog, who was the biggest baby, sat in my doorway growling at me.  After that I threw the board in the trash.

I’m not exactly sure how long after, while still living at my family home, I experienced on two different occasions a black shadow that came in my room and touched my shoulder at night when I was trying to sleep. I was so scared and I couldn’t move. I was there all by myself, and when I got up all the doors and windows were locked. After all these years I still wonder if the shadows were connected with the Ouija board.

-V. Rivers, Gloucester, VA, United States


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