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The Peisistratos Deal

BOOK - The Peisistratos Deal

NIGHTMARES. When the small marketing firm that Natasha Kern works for tentatively lands the most sought-after client in the industry and she is picked to head up the campaign, she is both thrilled and nervous at the same time. She knows it is an opportunity of a lifetime, but if she screws it up, it could mean the end of her career. And even though it would appear it is a project she was born to do, when the nightmares start, it puts not only the success of finalizing the deal in question, but her very sanity as well. Is it the pressure, or could she really be losing her mind? Never in her wildest dreams would she think it possible that the ancient origin behind the deal itself could be reaching out, testing her, preparing her, for a greater role than anyone involved could ever imagine…

Ricky Wood

SERVICE - Ricky Wood, Psychic Medium

Ricky Wood, a Philadelphia Pennsylvania native and current Tempe Arizona based Psychic Medium, Life Coach, has been professionally offering his services for over sixteen years.

Offering numerous services to clients based on their particular needs and desires, Psychic Medium Ricky Wood’s repertoire includes: mediumship, psychic readings, life coaching, individual and couples counseling, attached spirit removal, and house clearings. Applying his psychic intuition, diverse cultural influences, and modern day living realities in all aspects of his work, Ricky is able to offer a unique approach to self-empowerment.

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