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I See Things Other People Don’t See

Girl Ghost

These things have happened to me. I’ve only told a few people.

One night I woke up out of nowhere around 2 or 3 am and saw a girl standing right in front of me, clear as day. I pushed myself to the other side of the bed and got out. I looked directly at her. I could see her hair, dress, and even the pattern in her dress. I wasn’t as scared as I thought I should be. I started to walk around the bed to the light but she didn’t look towards me as I moved. It was like she was looking past me out the window. I got to the light switch and just stared for a couple of minutes before I turned the light on, and she was gone. I then turned the light back off, and she was still not there.

It was a VERY small town (I grew up there), with under 50 people, and only maybe 10 homes in the town. I used to walk a lot and would walk past the cemetery. I noticed a 14 year old girl who had died there way back in the 30s. I got curious and looked her up at the local museum and about panicked within myself …. it was her! Her name was Roma Jung and had died from a type of flu/sickness.

Another incident, when I was around 5 – I came to the breakfast table and was telling my parents about a strange dream I had. I saw a lady in a light yellow moo-moo jammy dress-type thing. She had shoulder length, straggly white hair and and a big patch on her cheek (I said, as I touched the right side of my cheek). She had came to my bed in this dream and just smiled at me. My parents both went pale and I remember my mom putting her hand over her mouth in shock. Turns out it was my great-great grandma who looked exactly how I mentioned, always wearing moo-moo type jammies around the house. She had gotten cancer of the cheek and had to wear a large white patch on the right side of her face. I had never met her.

Another time I was driving to Denver and noticed a jogger in a blue sweatband and red shorts with white stripes running along the road. After a moment he just disappeared – like he had run behind an invisible wall. My sister was with me and I asked her if she had seen him. I had to pull over I was so weirded out.

~ H. Hendrix, Colorado, USA

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