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Gold Brook Covered Bridge – AKA “Emily’s Bridge” – Stowe, VT

Gold Brook Covered Bridge – AKA “Emily’s Bridge” – Stowe, VT

Gold Brook Bridge is one of the many covered bridges across the United States that is rumored to be haunted. A few stories surround young Emily, both involving her death at the bridge after being jilted by her lover. One story says they were supposed to elope at the bridge, but the groom-to-be never showed. In despair, Emily hung herself from the rafters of the structure. Another story follows a similar plot line – Emily, donned in her beautiful wedding gown, showed up at the church ready to marry the love of her life, but he remained absent. In a fit of rage, she stole the family’s wagon and raced toward the bridge, apparently on her way to confront the man who broke her heart. She mistook a curve at the bridge, causing the wagon, horses and herself to plunge into the water and rocks below. There were no survivors.

Though evidence of Emily actually existing has never been found, many who visit the bridge claim to experience strange paranormal events.

Those who park their vehicle* on the bridge have reportedly discovered scratches along the sides of the car. Others have been touched, heard screaming and footsteps, or experienced the sounds of banging or something dragging along the top of the car.

If you find yourself in Stowe, VT, take a drive to the Gold Brook Bridge. It’s a peaceful, scenic spot in the daytime. But at night?…

*Parking or stopping on the bridge is not recommended or encouraged, as it is a fairly well-traveled road.

Gold Brook Bridge (“Emily’s Bridge”) | Covered Bridge Road, Stowe, VT 05672

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