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The best experience is a first-hand experience. The digital age has made it easier and easier to tamper with evidence, and people debate on a daily basis the validity of photos, videos and even audio.  Attention seekers alter images and sound in an attempt to go viral. It becomes difficult to know what is real or fake.

But you know what you saw or what you heard. You might not have photo or audio evidence to support your experience, but that doesn’t make it any less real. You tell a few people – some believe you, some don’t. After time passes, you share the story less and less, and soon, it is lost to the world.

But that is about to change, because we want to hear your story. Our goal is to create an online resource for paranormal experiences so others know they are not alone. So go ahead… add your story to the closet. If you have photos, video or audio… great! Send them along too. But even if you don’t have supporting evidence, we still want to hear from you. Stick to the truth though – we only want to hear about real experiences, not made up tales.

Documenting paranormal history. One experience at a time.

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