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A Conversation with a Revolutionary Spirit Using Dowsing Rods

Revolutionary War mass grave

I have to admit, I was skeptical at first about using dowsing rods to speak with ghosts. I know I’ve seen people do it, but I never had much happen when I tried them.

That is, until a few months ago at the gravesite at a Revolutionary War battlefield.

We were conducting a private, guided ghost tour for approximately 50 people. The participants were broken into groups, and each group spent approximately 15 minutes at each of 5 stops that we knew had experienced some kind of spirit activity in the past. I was the investigator stationed at the mass gravesite.

I had borrowed a set of copper dowsing rods from someone else to add to my arsenal of equipment, which also included a digital recorder, video camera, infrared thermometer, FLIR camera (which attached to my phone) and EMF detector. I wasn’t getting much activity with my normal equipment, so I thought I’d give the dowsing rods a try.

At one point a visitor in one of the groups said she heard the name Alex come across her spirit box, so I asked, “Is your name Alex?” to which the dowsing rods crossed, signaling “yes”.


I asked that question, “Where you involved in the battle at this location?” to which the dowsing rods crossed, signaling “yes” again.

Okay then.

I asked “Alex” a few more questions, including if he was buried in the grave next to us, to which he replied “no”.

Once the group moved on and I was once again standing there alone, I pulled up on my phone the list of names that were known of soldiers who were either killed or wounded during the battle.

There were 3 Alexanders.

So I went through the names. “Is your last name Deney?” The rods swung apart, signaling “no”. “Is your last name McDonald?” Again, the dowsing rods swung apart, indicated “no”.  Last chance.

“Is your last name McKay?”

The dowsing rods crossed – the answer was “yes”.

I was amazed.

The thought of communicating with someone who had been in the Revolutionary War blew my mind. I checked the list, and sure enough, Alexander McKay was listed as wounded – not killed – at the battle at this location.

I asked more questions throughout the night as the groups came through, to which I received more interesting responses, and it was at that point I vowed to come back at a later date to try to recreate what had happened so I could verify that I was indeed, communicating with a spirit.

I haven’t had a chance to return yet, but as soon as the weather grows warm, you’ll know where I’ll be heading.

And I think I’ll pick up some dowsing rods of my own before I go.

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