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An Intrusive Touch from an Unwanted Visitor

ghostly smell of cherry cigars

My sister & I moved into a duplex. Shortly after moving in we started to notice strange occurrences. We heard the toilet flush upstairs, but thought nothing of it really. We noticed that our dog Butch started walking around wagging his tail, almost as if he was following a buddy. One morning while frying bacon, a piece seemed to jump out of the frying pan onto the floor for our dog. We also started smelling cherry cigars in the air if there was a tense situation, or if our mom would visit.

I usually never turned the bathroom light off after showering before heading to my bedroom, but one night, I did. After I was done in the bedroom I stood in the doorway, staring down the dark hallway. I felt scared on this night, and somehow knew that I had to run to the steps. I turned off my bedroom light and made a run for it. As I ran, a big, dark shadow in the shape of a person appeared in the middle of the hallway. I didn’t stop, and ran through it. It was cold and felt like pressure, and it seemed to take forever to run through. I reached the steps and jumped down all 13 to the living room.

That same night, my sister was talking in her sleep, or so I thought. I went quietly to her bedroom door and realized that she was sitting up talking, with her eyes shut. Repeating whoever was speaking with her, she mentioned dutch masters cherry cigars, and a name – Matthew Smith – and where to find a wallet in the basement. We searched the basement the next day, and there it was….a wallet. Inside, a license…Matthew Smith, who was a truck driver, but who became paralyzed. I said that I was ok with him being there, long as he didn’t touch me. I should have shut up though while I was ahead. The next night, I was half asleep and felt my bed dip in. Thinking it may be the dog, I ignored it. All of a sudden, I felt fingers run from my knee up my thigh. I jumped as though I had springs in me. I ran down to my sister’s room and grabbed her, jolting her out of her sleep, and I screamed in her face….IT TOUCHED ME!! I was scared and felt violated. I was unnerved, a bunch of emotions. The rest of the night I stayed in the living room in a chair, waiting for my mom to wake so I could call her. I called her that morning and told her the story and begged for her to let me come live with her until I found a place.

I don’t know what it is…but I block everything out anymore. That experience stayed with me all my years. I was 18 years old and now I’m 51. The stories I could tell about that experience.

~ P. McClintock, Warren, Ohio, USA

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