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A Visit From The Recently Deceased

A visit from the recently deceased

This is a story that has to be told. The person who lived this isn’t comfortable talking about it, so I’m going to tell it for her, because it’s an experience very few have had. She confided in me the day after it happened because she knew I wouldn’t judge her, or think her crazy, even though she wondered if she was at that point.

She was a coworker who stayed late at the office one night. She was alone, the only one left in the department. The area she was in was filled with higher cubicles, and she was standing at the back of one of the rows, in the corner, tending to a few things before she called it an evening.

It was quiet, and she was lost in thought. She turned towards the front of the row, which was the area used as a pass-through to another part of the building, and glanced up as she did so.

She froze. A woman, from just below the waist up, was floating by the cubicles. The older lady turned and looked at my coworker, and then… vanished.

My coworker was stunned, and immediately wondered what she had just witnessed. She had good reason to doubt herself… because the woman she just made eye contact with was the owner’s mother… who had passed away the day before.

What she had just witnessed was a rare, almost full body apparition.

The mother hadn’t been a stranger to the building – she was often seen traveling the same path to her son’s office when she was alive and active in the business.

I guess old habits were hard to break. Either that, or she was visiting her son.

One last time.

Dawn ~ Paranormal Closet

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