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A Spirit with Plans for a Night Out in Savannah


I was living in Savannah – uber haunted city – and I was living in a new apartment with a friend of a friend. I was in my room getting ready to go out that night and he was in his room getting dressed as well. I heard keys jingle, the front door AND the security door unlock, and heard them both shut. I didn’t think much of it since my roommate was going out with a separate group of people. I simply thought, “Ah…he left.” Not a half a second later he called me on my cell.

Me, thinking he locked himself out, picked up and said, “Hey! Where ya going?”

“Huh?,” came his response. “I haven’t left. I’m still in my room.” At that point he opened my bedroom door – he was still on his cell, and I was on mine. We looked at each other and then went to check the front doors – both were still locked. At that point we realized that we had both heard the same thing, but neither of us had left.

-L. Taylor, Madison, CT, United States

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