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A Dog’s Whistle

A Dog's Whistle

My dog Kelly, the sweetest greyhound in the world, passed away when her thyroid tumor burst the weekend before she was scheduled for surgery. When Kelly was alive she used to follow me around like she was my shadow, and when she didn’t know where I was she would make this whistling sound until I called out to her. I was so distraught when she passed away because I left the house and came back to find her on her dog bed, lifeless. I felt awful that I wasn’t there for her when she passed. Shortly after her death, I started hearing the whistling sound that she made. The cats would even look around as if they heard it too. I would call out, “Daisy, I’m right here” and the whistling would stop. It was as if she had “found me”. After about six months I stopped hearing her. I guess she decided to move on to the Rainbow Bridge.

-M. McCahon, Collegeville, PA, United States

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